Sweet Potato Burritos are sweet at our house.

The Peterson family

The Peterson family

Watch out Brady Bunch, the Peterson family is big and hungry as well.  We have a family of 7.  That’s right, 5 kids.  By the way, yes, we’re crazy.  As you can imagine, it can be difficult to make a meal that everyone enjoys or even tolerates, vegan or not.  Well, we found one with sweet potato burritos.

Let me tell you about our history with sweet potato burritos.  Before we got rid of animal products in our diet, my wife announced one night at the dinner table that she was trying something different for our Mexican Monday.  She replaced chicken with sweet potatoes.  My first reaction in a loving voice, “Yuck!  Are you kidding me?”  I really thought I didn’t like sweet potatoes.  Then, as I pondered the past, I realized that maybe I had never really given them a fair shot.  So, after mixing them up with some black beans, rice and salsa and putting them in a wrap, I gave it that fair shot.  After my first bite, I looked at my wife and said, “that’s not bad.  Actually, that’s pretty good.”  The rest of the family had the same reaction.

Not only do my kids love them, but ask for them all the time.  OK, beg for them.  That’s right, when we menu plan and ask the kids what they want, they all request sweet potato burritos every single week.  We don’t have them every week, but probably at least once a month.

Not only is this dish kid friendly, but really easy to make.  Look, if I can make sweet potato burritos, anyone can.  I list all the ingredients you need below with easy directions.  The nice thing about this recipe?  It is easy to prepare and you can have them ready in about half an hour.

This Peterson favorite is delicious and very healthy.  Sweet potatoes are high in vitamins A and C and fiber.  Black beans are about as close as you can get to the healthiest food on the face of the Earth.  Among groups of food commonly eaten, no group has a healthier mix of protein and fiber than beans.  Actually, 1 cup of black beans has well over half of the Daily Value for fiber and protein.

Whether you’re on a plant-based-diet or not, give sweet potato burritos a try and enjoy that vegan thing.



Black beans

Whole grain rice

Sweet potatoes


Taco or burrito seasoning (optional)



Boil sweet potatoes.  Once they’re tender, add some almond milk and mash them like mashed potatoes.  Add some taco or burrito seasoning to taste if you want. Cook rice and black beans.  Take mashed sweet potatoes, black beans and rice, put them in your favorite wrap, add salsa and serve.

Jeff Peterson

About Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson anchors Good Day Maine on CBS 13 from 4:30-7:00a.m and on FOX 23 from 7:00-8:00am. Back in 2012, he decided to become vegan. Jeff has lost over 50 pounds and his cholesterol has dropped dramatically. Besides having kids, It's the best decision he's ever made.